Vanitas 2 - LHOOQ - (2 channels, Full HD-27 Min)

As part of a trilogy, VANITAS 2 research on body-environment and its edges that transform both of them. Edges of the body that decompose to redefine an urban corporality, body-territory and surface of fluids, landscapes, storms, a composite, decomposed and recomposed body. The body as a battlefield, lonely and swallowed-swallowed body. A new ecosystem emerges with its own material, body, visual and sound logics.
Vanitas 2 is an audiovisual work in two channels.

Editing: Joaquín Wall
Art: Leandro Egido
sound/music: Demian Velazco Rochwerger/Mathhieu Perpoint
Camera: Joaquin Wall
Performance: Matthieu Perpoint
Directed by Perpoint-Sario

This work was supported by:

 Agustina Sario