"I distinguish a stimulating recurrence at the moment of approaching creation, the enormous attraction that the crossing between the plastic and the performative generates in me. It is from contact with a texture, a color, a “materia” that arises a body with specific requirements, thus creating a temporal cadence, a spatial depth and a poetic universe of its own.
To create is to be able to touch the “materia” with which I am working to give it to the spectator and the work is revealed when it´s touched as it wants to be."

Agustina Sario

Agustina Sario choreographer, teacher and interpreter, Choreographic Assistant in the National Company of Contemporary Dance - Ministry of Culture of the Nation-Argentina. Degree in psychology.

She currently holds a Doctorate in Arts, UNA. Researcher at IAE-Facultad de Filosofía, UBA. She has worked in various national companies and international: Mouvoir (Germany), Krapp (Argentina), Cia Alexandra Bachzetsis (Switzerland), Ci´a Maguy Marin (France).

She created “Hueco-Planteo Coreogra´fico” 2004, “como siempre” 2007, "3 ideas idiotas" 2015, "Vestida de Novia" 2017 "Solo no3" 2018, "4 Movimientos para una Sinfoni´a"2019, "Montaje: Entre Obelisco y Tribnales” 2020.

In order to accomplish her works, she has received subsidies from Argentine and foreign institutions. She was invited to Theaters and Festivals from Latinoamerica, United States, Asia y Europe (Festival de Cannes, 2007, Festival Avignon, 2009, ImPulsTanz, 2009) among others.