Vestida de Novia

Performance "Wedding Dress" from "Wedding Dress" by Marilú Marini (Danse Bouquet, 1965)

As resident artist of this Research “Current Dance, dance in Di Tella (1962-1966)” I entered into dialogue with the proposal of Marilú Marini (1965), where she decides to put on her own wedding dress again. It reminds me that I have the dresses of my two weddings in the closet. With irony I remember the work of Regina José Galindo: Galindo-Herrera (2004): “I dress a bride and I take a photograph in a place specialized in wedding portraits to record something that never happened.”

By the other hand, I realized that in the year I was born, 1974, Carolee Sheneeman performed “Interior Scroll”. All those works were strong references to create “Wedding dress”.
In our society, hetero-hegemonic context, the desire circulates in particulars ways al- ways related with female genitals, penetration and possession of the female body.
It is in this context that I wonder about the forms that love can take, the pacts we agree or does not agree and the synthesis that each person can make themself.

In this performance I work together with the audience to circulate in space creating patterns in relation to the pacts of love and desire.

Performers Agustina Sario, Matthieu Perpoint
Aesthetic Assistance. Fabiana Barreda/Andrea Saltzman
Dress: Carol Niño, Agustina Rizy, Laura Moschioni, Denise Afonso (Cat Saltzman, DI FADU UBA)
Sound Federico Spinelli
Research Assesment: Inés Aristegui
Photography Paula Zacharias
Direction Agustina Sario

This work was supported by:

agustina sario agustina sario agustina sario agustina sario

Deconstrucción - Leandro Egido