(Ministerio de Cultura de la Nación, Dirección Nacional de Organismos Estables, Argentina) Desborde

This space of experimentation between the Cia de la Unsam, Agustina Sario and Andrea Saltzman takes as a starting point (des) to be located on the edge between us and our environment, to place ourselves in that in-between, that intermediate spatiality.
Overflowing as a way of decentring, deviating and complexifying in order to direct us towards the encounter of our gestures in this work environment. Edges, overflows, mixtures that guided us in a process of smoothing out and pushing the borderline to the extreme, we found gestures where we didn't expect them and discarded inert habits. Thus opened up the concern to think of ourselves in the planet that we walk on and that supports us. From here and now towards other temporalities that we don't know if they are further ahead or further back, higher or lower, but which are the ones that emerged in this encounter.

About this co-production:
This co-production materialises after years of accumulated desire, of desire to bring the Cia de la Unsam closer to the work of Agustina Sario. It is built after a long process in which the institutional crossing with the CNDC is integrated and Andrea Saltzman joins the creation process.

Technical specifications:
Performed by: Cia Unsam
Performers Cia Unsam
Direction: Andrea Saltzman and Agustina Sario (Staff CNDC)

Direction UNSAM: David Señora
Unsam Coordination: Quío Binetti

Direction CNDC: Margarita Fernández
Assistant Director CNDC: Lorena Merlino
Sound Composition: Federico Spinelli (CNDC Technical Team)
Lighting: Christian Richards (CNDC Technical Team)
Technical Coordinator: Federico Romero (CNDC Technical Team)
Music: Paul and DJ Felipe Zamorano Grafigna
Audiovisual recording: Guillermo Mata (CNDC Technical Team)