Entre Obelisco y Tribunales

Between Obelisco and Tribunales - Site Specific performance, 15 min.

"Being in the street": How does it shape your body? What enables us and what prevents us from? What imaginaries show up being in contact with those meters of sidewalk? How does poetry dialogue with real life? Who are usually there? And what happens to us in that time-space shared? What specific senses appear in BETWEEN?

In BETWEEN is a strategy designed for urban or rural public spaces where two spots (with historical, social, political and / or institutional meaning) are chosen to work in between. We define a site-specific located between two recognizable places. In BETWEEN is a strategy that springs from "being in the street".

Performers: Participants of the FIBA / Workshop Call 2020
Stage Design: Leandro Egido
Music Creation: Demian Velazco Rochwerger/Matthieu Perpoint
Video: Enzo Luxiano
Sound: Federico Spinelli
Lighting: Adrián Grimozzi
Directed: Agustina Sario
Assistance: Matthieu Perpoint

This work was supported by:

agustina sario agustina sario