Wonderland, Multimedia Dancetheatre for Children - 2005
Compañia Mouvoir - Dir. Stephanie Thiersch

A girl is playing bored in a sandbox, when suddenly – appearing from nowhere – wondrous toys turn up at her feet.
She is dancing in flowers, leaving animal footprints behind her.
She gets pulled into a never-never land, where everything seems to be upside-down: big and small, odd and even, slowness and rapidity…

Concept/choreography: Stephanie Thiersch
Choreography/dance: Agustina Sario
Production: Bodo Lensch
Programming/scene interface/graphics: Bernd Bleßmann
Audio/composition: Sven Mann
Programming/graphic design: Malte Donay
Programming/speaker: Fares Rahmun
Programming/virtual actors (BDI-programming): Niels Elburg
Sound design: Fabian Schulz
Graphics: Petr Zubek
Organization: Kerstin Bratton

In collaboration with MEET Autorenwerkstatt in the Animax Multimediatheater.
Funded by the Ministerpräsidenten of North Rhine-Westphalia