4MPUS Viena - 2020

" the Argentinian Agustina Sario and the frenchman Matthieu Perpoint are a couple in real life, they have two children and they are dancers and choreographers about to release a piece that has them as the only performers ... closely linked to their daily life(...)
(...) We mix each other in life to live and we mix each other on stage to do this work.”
Laura Falkoff

4MPUS, created and performed by Matthieu Perpoint and Agustina Sario, was invited to open Le Studio's season in Vienna, Austria at the Festival “Je t'aime moi non plus” festival, with an opening night in September 2020. Le Studio is an association founded by Lise Lendais and Emmanuel Finzi, with more than 20 years of experience in the performing arts and cinema field.
The worldwide Covid-19 situation changed the travel plans creating other opportunities. Thus, in the current context, the work travelled to Vienna while directors, technicians and interpreters stayed in Buenos Aires.
So, in June an online audition was held where Matthieu and Agustina met Laia Fabre and Thomas Kesenbacher; also a couple in real life, which was one of the requirements to be accepted. They would be in charge of embodying the work in Vienna. What was the challenge about? It was transmitting sensitive material through the Zoom platform: the structure of the piece and the whole symphony of music, video, dance, bodies and words.

The couple in Vienna worked with their own autobiographical and personal material. 4MPUS´s team worked from Buenos Aires to keep the essence of 4MPUS so that “the soul” of the play cross the ocean and reach Vienna.
The entire creative process has been documented to be shared on Instagram IGTV @ agustina_sario and www.agustinasario.com

Performers: Laia Fabre/ Thomas Kasebacher
Stage Design: Leandro Egido
Music Creation: Demian Velazco Rochwerger/Matthieu Perpoint
Video: Joa Wall
Aesthetic Assistance: Fabiana Barreda/Andrea Saltzman
Lighting: Adrián Grimozzi
Sound: Federico Spinelli
Directed: Agustina Sario/Matthieu Perpoint
Produced by LE STUDIO Film und Bühne


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