Vanitas 1 - Quién te quita lo bailado - (2 channels, Full HD-27 Min)

Vanitas Trilogy, created between 2020 and 2022 by the choreographers and dancers Agustina Sario and Matthieu Perpoint, is a video installation that explores the skin's contact with different territories, from the forest to concrete, from natural moss to artificial volcanoes and ruined buildings.
The Vanitas trilogy works, like the baroque pictorial genre, on the eros / Thanatos axis, which incorporates the body / environment axis.
The three parts, presented in installations sometimes activated by the performers themselves, turn out to be the story of an intimate approach to the texture of planets, real or invented.

VANITAS 1- (2 channels, HD-27 Min) A female body in a forest (filmed in the Parc Naturel Régional du Pilat-France) as a way of getting in tune with all the layers of the living and the link, both erotic and morbid, with the vegetal and the organic, research rooted in ecofeminist thought.

"VANITAS 1 was shooted in the Parc Naturel Regional du Pilat, in France, where an instinctive intimacy of the body in contact with the forest mingled with an ecological awareness that was also intimate and vital.
Somehow, the vulnerability of the body and the forest met. The perception of the finite opened a plot where Eros and Thanatos dialogue, in endless chats, with the impression of moving forward and, at the same time, of discovering that we are always at a starting point.

Is it not the beginning of the end of something, is it not affecting us that temperatures continue to rise and regulations do not change, that trees are cut down and forest roads open up space, that in the south of France, in the same year, the earth gives way, sinks, loosens?.

Agustina Sario.

Editing: Joa Wall
Camera: Matthieu Perpoint
Art: Leandro Egido
Music Creation: Demian Velazco Rochwerger/Matthieu Perpoint
Lights: Adrián Grimozzi
Camera: Matthieu Perpoint
Directed:Agustina Sario/Matthieu Perpoint

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