Vanitas 1 - Quién te quita lo bailado - (2 channels, Full HD-27 Min)

The aim of this research is to develop a creative process that ends up in VANITAS 1 - an audiovisual work.
VANITAS 1 springs from the necesity of having reached my 40´s. It is somehow smelling the perfume of the flowers and the rottenness of the water in the vase; it is tasting the beauty of life and feeling the inexorable end; it is Eros and Thanatos simultaneously.

On the other hand, Vanitas, a theoretical-practical research, is based on the IAE - Facultad de Filosofía y Letras- UBA. It is about overcoming the divisions that may exist between praxis and theory and imagining a process of dynamic dramaturgy between them. We are not proposing a theoretical investigation prior or after the scene work, but our interest is to listen to the questions that arise from the aesthetic process and feed some of the debates in dance and performance studies when the creative process is happening.

"VANITAS 1 was filmed in the Parc Naturel Regional du Pilat, in France, where an instinctive intimacy of the body in contact with the forest was rooted in an, intimate and vital, ecological awareness . Somehow, the vulnerability of the body and the forest came closer. The perception of finitud created the conditions to make Eros and Thanatos dialogue, in endless talks, with the impression of moving forward and, at the same time, of discovering that we are always at a starting point. are we at the end of something? Is it not affecting us that temperatures continue to rise and political regulations do not change?, that trees are cut down and forests roads are taking place? and that same year we where filming, in the south of France earth collapsed creating landslides? ".
Agustina Sario.

Editing: Joa Wall
Camera: Matthieu Perpoint
Art: Leandro Egido
Music Creation: Demian Velazco Rochwerger/Matthieu Perpoint
Lights: Adrián Grimozzi
Camera: Matthieu Perpoint
Directed:Agustina Sario/Matthieu Perpoint

This work was supported by:
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