Sofia Ave, Eva, Vae - Work in progress

"Three letters say it all, depending on how they are combined in Latin. The woman is a sinner Eva (Eva), which leads both to the magnificent Virgin Mother Mary (Ave) and to misfortune (Vae)." Guy Bechtel.
A strategy proposed by a Residence Period in Casa Sofía: 4-day / 4-hour-a-day residence device awakens an ambitious side. Why not work "4 Sofia", 4 women in history? Why not work 4 traits of women, one per day? What imaginary moves each of these women? What pulsation and sound emerge? What gesture and what action does each one ask for? What is it that overflows and resists this traits? How are their zones, their bodies transgressed?
"Inspired by the strength of the Madres de Plaza de Mayo, as was Sofia, mothers who seek, hope and resist with the mandala that their bodies draw in front of a space of power and lies.
From these inspirations and from me here and Now, I intend to go through: "Sofia woman" following the depth and solipsism of Peter Land, "Sofia witch" dialoguing with statistical data, "Teen Sofia" linked to pop music and "Sofia mother" involved in the lineage of procreation and food ".

Directed and performed Agustina Sario
Assistance Matthieu Perpoint
Music Creation Demian Velazco Rochwerger/Matthieu Perpoint
Video Joa Wall
Sound Federico Spinelli

agustina sario agustina sario