Solo nº3

"A premiere on the idea of becoming".
L. Falcoff, CLARIN 2/3/18

“Those who saw her dance in some work remember her overflowing energy, perhaps because of
that, the delicacy of female folk dance was too small for her and she began to try a malambo.
(...) We arrive at a kind of ritual in which my woman's body is transformed, offers something,
invokes and is transmuted. (.....). In times when the gaze tends to be outside, attracted by
the abysmal amount of stimuli and the supposed novelties of the current era, Sario is
encouraged to stop the vertigo and redirect the focus inward". “How to dance nature”
C. Prieto, PÁGINA 12, 2/3/18

"Agustina Sario is one of the exponents most prominent of its generation".

"The work raises a scenic journey around the idea of contemporary rituals".

"Solo nº3" is a contemporary ritual of passage where offering and invocation are key ac- tions in the transit towards a transformation.

Laying out layers and going through pulsations, such as zapateos and blows, generate an intense corporality that allows to pierce the here and now.

In "Solo nº3" I move between performance and dance finding a folk, sound and plastic materiality that travels towards origins. Creating this rite revealed to me the need to generate a personal symbology through simple subjects such as fabrics, colors, sticks, polenta, stones that are redefined throughout the ritual.

The spectator is an essential piece of the ritual acting as a witness and support.

Sound Creation-Interpretation: Matthieu Perpoint y Demian Velazco Rochwerger
Textil Design: Leandro Egido
Advise: Fabiana Barreda
Lighting: Adrián Grimozzi
Sound Assistance: Federico Spinelli
Comunication-Press: Cecilia Gamboa
phootography: Leandro Rodri´guez, Paula Zacharias and Guillermo Mata.
Concept-interpretation: Agustina Sario

This work is the product of a creative investigation carried out in the "Residence: Archeologies of the Future" with the support of Prodanza and Lodo-Marte-Matienzo Prize..

agustina sario     agustina sario
Artista residente en Arqueologías del futuro. agustina sario

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